It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a writer in possession of a good manuscript, must be in want of an editor.

At Editorially, we're more than just editors. We offer a complete creative lifeline for writers, guiding you from manuscript refinement to career counsel, preparing both you and your work for the world of publishing.

Our mission

At Editorially, we envision a new age of fusion between technology and creativity, where writers are empowered to challenge their creative boundaries like never before. We see AI not as a replacement for the creative process, but as a powerful tool that can be harnessed to elevate the craft of writing.

Our mission at is to guide and empower writers to reach their full potential and capture the hearts and minds of readers. We believe that by using technology wisely, we can help writers create captivating stories that resonate deeply with their readers. Quality is our watchword, and we foster a creative environment where every piece of writing serves a purpose and leaves a lasting impression.

Our primary goal is to help writers not just write more, but write better—crafting stories that truly connect with their audience. We see the future of writing as a harmonious blend of human creativity and AI-driven insights, and we're excited to lead the charge into this brave new world.

Who are we

All the courses and AI tools on Editorially have been personally created by Meru Gokhale based on decades of publishing experience.

Meet the Team

See the people behind the scenes who make all this possible.

  • Meru Gokhale

    Founder / CEO